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about us

about us

After gaining five years of professional experience in Marseille and then on Lille 2004, the European Capital of Culture, Grégoire Cartillier worked in Nantes for ten years as technical director of the “Estuaire” contemporary art biennale and then for “A Journey to Nantes”.

As a registered architect (DPLG), he has in-depth knowledge of urban planning issues and helps many artists set up installations with complex anchoring points. As a consultant with ministerial working groups, he also advises on issues related to the development of artistic commissions for public spaces, with an emphasis on the sustainability of artworks.

Over the course of 15 years, he has acquired recognised expertise in the study and direction of exceptional, non-standard creative projects.

In the autumn of 2016, he founded Ateliers Puzzle.

Ateliers Puzzle

ATELIERS PUZZLE is now a multidisciplinary team with solid expertise in the design and production of unusual creative projects with specific technical requirements.

Providing an optimal response to each project entrusted to us, we use our specialised knowledge to source and deploy people with the best skills to implement it. We are also committed to exploring the specific skills and expertise of each region in which we work. This is why our teams, which bring together the finest engineers and fabrication workshops, are hand-picked for each project, like pieces in a unique puzzle.

our missions


Project Management Assistance
Technical Direction



Site survey - Scan Faro 
CAD 2D - 3D modeling
Structural engineering & Desgin Calculation Reports
Working drawings



Prototype fabrication
Workshop construction
Logistics - Lifting – Hanging
Set-up teams



BP 60925 – 44009 Nantes Cedex 1, France

T. +33 (0)9 87 18 28 78