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 APF France HandicapIEM , Perched terrasses of IEM La Buissonnière, , APF France Handicap 20182017.

Ateliers Puzzle : Production / Nathan Levinson : Structure design and woodwork / Cheeri : Graphical design

Photos © Ateliers Puzzle.


Over the course of fifteen years, Ateliers Puzzle has acquired recognised expertise in the study and production of works by contemporary artists.

Throughout the creative process, the restrictive regulations or hypothetical binding data are considered. However, these restrictions are paradoxically often the driving force behind the ideas developed by artists and our team.

Motivated by the firm conviction that rules and regulations are compatible With quality of use and aesthetics, we innovate by introducing something sorely lacking in the world of accessibility, disability and services for older people today: creativity.

Paying close attention to each situation and the specific nature of every use, we propose alternatives to strictly normative and medical solutions and to catalogue products.

Ateliers Puzzle invites the best contemporary artists and designers to place their vision at the service of daily users, we experiment together so the exception becomes the norm.


Kit COVID, , le troisième pôle – Cheeri – Ateliers Puzzle, 2020.

Realisation  by : le troisième pôle – Cheeri – Ateliers Puzzle
Realisation and production of a  COVID signaletic Kit for buildings receiving public.

 APF France Handicap, Car park of IEM La Buissonnière, 2016.

Cheeri : Graphical Design

Ateliers Puzzle : Production

Photos © Ateliers Puzzle